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    group marker bug

    if you place a marker inside a enemy ant nest then leave the game then join back the marker will move to outside and on top of the nest but the ants wont go in until you make another marker dont know if this happens with if you go into a team members nest
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    Weird pathfinding bug with fire ant and bigheaded ants (maybe also little black ants)

    so when you place a marker they will become like a ant hydra and not spread out i have noticed it mostly with bigheaded ant supermajors
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    Ok for real for real

    it all makes sense
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    nest group idea

    why not then dont keep soldiers on the nest group and instead keep them on a pheromone group that way when you arent using the pheromone group they will just stay at the queen
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    nest group idea

    maybe if you add soldiers to the nest group they will patrol around the nest instead of crushing the queen
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    small battle arena bug

    so in the battle arena the bullfrog can knock ants into the walls or into the other arena not sure if the bullfrog in the level can knock ants into walls or into places they cant do anything
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    Ok for real for real

    so your saying tom holland ate some royal jelly???
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    Ereptors running around in the main menu

    its been there for a bit i think like before the leafcutters but not sure
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    Uncompleted Challenges

    try beating the other foot with only using one type of ant (workers because you need them and then you can pick the ant type) so workers and a ant type of your choosing you can pick the difficulty
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    Screenshot Saturday - Venus Flytraps in Action

    how will this work because we know not to send ants to them will it kind of be like food gathering in that we cant control what the ants grab but we can control how close they are to the food?
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    Screenshot Saturday - Eastern Newt

    i think it swims
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    Free play mode idea

    im so dum i was looking in the wrong area XD
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    Free play mode idea

    hold up... i feel like that doesnt work for me but i will look (because i had no idea that was there XD)