nest group idea

I like this idea, it might make the nest more lively, but yeah, it would cause problems when defending against bugs. The entire nest would be in chaos with your entire army spread out. Currently, soldiers in the nest group do wander around, but only around the queen. Although, I think this could be expanded if more people want it.


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I had a similar idea quite a while ago, for soldier ants in the nest group to chase enemies in the nest. It was something like this:

If enemies are in the nest: wander to a random enemy's current position. (Would result in chasing enemies.)
Else: wander to a random nest tile's position. (Would result in wandering around the nest, just like idle worker ants do.)
Then the lines would thin out; any wandering bug could kill your entire army one soldier by one. Plus I think it's better if they stay next to your queen when you actually need them, instead of them being 50 more tiles away.
why not then dont keep soldiers on the nest group and instead keep them on a pheromone group that way when you arent using the pheromone group they will just stay at the queen