1. T

    Is their unlockable Ants in the game?

    Hi I was wondering if their is unlockable ant units in the game?, or anything else that might help win missions later on?
  2. VarmintLP

    Implementation of Messor Barbarus (Harvester Ants)

    Hello guys, This might be more a question than a sugguestion but here it goes. As an antkeeper of this species I was wondering if you were maybe planning or thinking about implementing the species Messor Barbarus. I find them really great and would love to see them at some point in the game. I...
  3. M

    updates on GOG

    Hello, I can see you are updating this game on steam but not on GOG. Last one was May 2019 i think. Im really looking forward to the next updates and im checking every few weeks if there is anything new. Would be awesome if you could say when the next updates on Gog will come or if there won't...
  4. A


    Best ant videos on youtube:
  5. C

    Unofficial pre sequel to "Empire of the Ants"?

    I have been meaning to ask this question for a VERY long time now. Growing up with lots of games, I have had many curiosities during my childhood. One, which fascinated me a lot was Empire of the Ants. I wanted to know, since the ant colony in this game seemingly can... take over abilities of...