1. HofNerd

    [0.2325][Bug][Rising Tide] Patrolling enemies can sometimes drown themselves

    This is the first time I've seen this happen as far as I can remember. The crab wandered too far down the ramp, drowning itself.
  2. R

    Plants not being removed.

    While using the remove tool some plants are left behind. The fish don't seem to eat it either, so I think it's only visual. Tried reloading save, didn't work. Steps to reproduce: Set brush to 10. Sweep over varied large quantity of plants.
  3. Thecoolant

    Wired picture from the internet

    That’s a huge bug is this real and if it is is that the real size it might be a titan bug.
  4. N

    Aggrandise "Dead Chambers"

    After this latest update that added the new level Extremis I went back to try Aggrandise and found the map to be changed. There used to be a wall between the giant whip spider and the queen and I'm assuming that it was removed to make it easier for the spider to come and kill the queen, I am...
  5. A

    formicarium loads not appearing

    I just was looking at steam bored and saw Empires of the Undergrowth, and I was like sure why not play it again. When I clicked play now it had said it was installing which worried me. I looked in formicarium loads and saw nothing just nothing. I then reinstalled the game and they were not there...
  6. R

    Extremis upgrading menu

    wood ants upgrade selections cancel former investments and force retroactive re-selections inconsistent with current active ability.
  7. K

    Magical spider healing

    Hello I'm not very happy about this i bought the game to support it i lost my whole colony because spiders have magic healing powers. so i had a colony of about 40. had 21 workers and 19 military Formica fusca and all attacking one spider and it was almost dead or so i though by watching its HP...