1. MedinBurnic

    [Bug] - Spider Attacking Sideways [4.1 Cold Blood]

    Not exactly sure how this happened, this seems to have happened when either the spider was leaving the pitcher plant, or attempted to climb it but got interrupted. The spider began to attack my ants normally afterwards. It wasn't on its side when it was finished attacking these nearby ants.
  2. MedinBurnic

    [UPDATE [0.2312] Fire Ant Gamescom Demo Discussion - Bug Reports, Suggestions, Strategies; Et cetera

    This will be a discussion about the Fire Ant demo, here is how to get in the beta if you haven't already done so. [Steam users only] This also shows how to get in the beta. This was only supposed to be on Discord, but hey, we all want fire ants in EotU. Info taken from here...