1. Turok

    (From Translation Software)There are too few levels in the Breeding tank campaign

    hello, Scientist 2 was a good design point, but he got arrested There are currently only 4 levels of the Breeding tank Challenge In the follow-up, I think we can give the breeding box to children to raise, and the evil children can destroy our little ants more severely, and many more...
  2. neoselket

    Miscellaneous Suggestions

    This is a big list of changes I'd like to add to the game. They're in no particular order, just the order I thought of them in. Changes that would be good: Enemy healthbars should render over everything else, it's hard to see how much health an enemy has when it's completely surrounded by your...
  3. S

    The idle ants problem - colony maintenance update?

    When you have no groups deployed outside of the nest, you end up with a big swarm of ants sort of milling about doing nothing. This is by far my biggest issue with the game, and I think it could be solved if the game gave the ants more to do. There’s always stuff to do in an ant nest. Some...
  4. S

    Improve ant communication and behavior?

    The ants’ movements and skins in this game are amazing, but I’ve been following y’all since the beginning and I still have the recurring annoyance of my ants being a little bit dumb in certain areas. For example, when an ant spots a piece of food, it will collect it. But it won’t return to check...
  5. S

    Needed Changes!

    -Bring back scent icons -Bring back prey and predator icons -Make it so You can play a special mode where you play as a devil coach horse and can create baby devil coach horses and need to take out nearby ant colonies by killing other insects and feeding the babies into adults and then fighting...