The ants’ movements and skins in this game are amazing, but I’ve been following y’all since the beginning and I still have the recurring annoyance of my ants being a little bit dumb in certain areas. For example, when an ant spots a piece of food, it will collect it. But it won’t return to check for more nor communicate it’s presence to other ants; in order to get them there you need to specifically assign a group to the area and wait for them to notice it. And at the beginning, when you only have your guard ants for the queen, you have to order them to dig in the area and wait for them to notice it. It’s just clunky. And ants are anything but clunky. They literally invented part of the internet - they organized according to TCP thousands of years before humans even existed. Obviously AI that complex is hardly a reasonable expectation, but I’d really like to see it streamlined a little more, particularly in food gathering. I know the player has to be in control or it wouldn’t be much of a game, but I’m sure we could manage them having a bit more individual agency. That’s what sets ants apart from other insects! And it would make them that much more fun to watch them work in-game.


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Perhaps a free roam area, where ant's roam within an area (set by the player) and build minor trails to food and threats (minor trails won't attract the whole swarm)?
Yeah - I think there needs to be an update for more meaningful jobs as a first step. Darn it! Now I have to write a new post about that… okay now I have all sorts of ideas!