A little problem...


So basically there's this thing where the Extra level rewards for freeplay mode got wiped. So when this happened, i decided to give "the other foot" a go again to unlock the Counterpart colony back. After a while, i had defeated the extra level, an excellent use of my time now, i guess time to enjoy Counterpart in freeplay.

Yeah it didn't unlock the Counterpart colony back in freeplay. I hope it gets fixed soon though...


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You've likely got a corrupted progress file. This can happen if you quit the game during a save or are using an external trainer.

We've included a failsafe that will re-create the corrupted file when the fire ant update drops, but you'll need to do the levels again.


I'd recommend using a backup folder. That's what I do whenever I mess around with files. If you mean fixing the actual file that's corrupted, I'm not sure, but I think you might have to just start over.