A small idea

Isn't this already a thing? I remember seeing a dead queen and gathering food.
No, it is a thing in a few other levels and in the freeplay map "basin", basin map has a pre killed leafcutter queen in one of the caverns that is gatherable while in a few other levels there are pre killed Formica Fusca queens, like for example in the level "aggrandise" where several mole crickets surround 2 dead black ant queens, and in rising tide there is a cavern with a pre killed black ant queen and another dead black ant queen at the start.


Beta Tester
Ecosystem Beta Tester
You can still find it on the internet.
It was basically like the game now but with less ants (only F. fusca), didn't look as great (still good but the new maps are amazing), had only underground levels and some weird bugs that got ironed out over time (like a complete revamp of pathfinding).

https://www.indiedb.com/games/empires-of-the-undergrowth/downloads (try the 0.064 version from 2017, that's the old demo version)