After completing a mission I don't get food for my Formicarium

I have completed 3 missions and after completion all I get is territory point to expand. I dont recieve food? Can anyone help me with this bug?


name is Gustav! at youre serves!
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the food is above ground when you compleat the mission, right click on the exit to get out and move a worker there and it will open up so you can get out from your nest


I cannot go to the surface yet, I need to finish the first challenge. I do not have food, only 4 soldiers and no extra workers. On the surface icon there is a lock displayed and the exits are blocked. So, how do I get to the surface?


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You don't need to unlock anything to go to the surface in the formicarium. Just click the lock - it is one of the tips that appears but many tips get missed. There's likely something we can do with text appearing at the bottom of the screen to remedy this.