[B]It's impossible to delete marker by RMB or it's unintuitive


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As the tooltip of the "dismiss pheromone marker" states, clicking RMB on the marker should remove it, but currently, the player sets another marker by it.

It is impossible to remove the marker by clicking on the marker (the shape) or selected tile (check it by RMButtoning on the same space twice and fast).


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Developer of EotU
Right this is tool-tip text that should have been removed. We removed right clicking a marker to remove it as people were complaining they were accidentally removing them when trying to place another marker. Maybe there is a more elegant solution to this. Maybe it removes the marker if you have that marker selected? We are open to suggestions here.


Yes, if you have that marker color selected, right-clicking on the existing marker should remove it. Or, if you have another color selected, holding down (alt, ctrl, cmd) and right-clicking should remove it no matter the color.

There really does need to be a way to remove markers.