Beta Test - 0.21141 - Fixes & Optimisations


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A bug fixing update for the optional beta, dealing mainly with the fallout from reintroducing the story campaign back into it. We’re homing in on having this update ready for the main branch but if you’d like to join the beta whilst it’s still running, follow the instructions in the box near the top of this previous post!

Fixes & Optimisations
  • Fixed issues caused by creatures jumping up ledges
  • Fixed creatures stuck near ramp tops
  • Fixed an issue that could cause infinite spawning of wood ants from fish landmark (and other issues in infestation landmark)
  • Fixed a crash related to creatures disappearing whilst climbing
  • Hidden some development boxes from ramps in 3.2
  • Minims will now appear on leaves carried by level 3 majors and mediae to represent their 100% chance of defending from phorid flies
  • Fixed underground marker path arrows being wrong way round when placing marker on surface
  • Improvements to collision detection with difficult shapes
  • Adjusted ramp collisions
  • Adjusted some plants and collision settings in 3.1 to help with creatures getting stuck
  • Difficulty applied due to getting close to completing an objective in freeplay is now removed once the objective is complete
  • Improved leafcutter repel phorid fly animation
  • Fixed some issues where loaded ants from old games could be moved to the top of a tunnel and get stuck
  • Food stuck under lab formicarium is now correctly on the surface
  • Fixed an issue where beach tiger beetle larvae would not attack in 2.x challenge modes
  • Fixed an issue where mole crickets were spawning in 1.2 far too quickly with the challenge on
  • Added some fixes for creatures dropping food, will now do a check to see if the dropped tile is accessible and can successfully drop off cliff without becoming inaccessible
  • Some fixes added to phorid fly spawners making spawn failures less likely
  • Removed excessive resource scans for creatures
  • Fixed an issue where creatures could get stuck trying to pick up a food item
  • Fixed an issue on 3.2 where army ants would ignore other enemies until attacked
  • Fixed an issue where Formicarium Challenge 2 could be won with spiders still alive in rare circumstances
  • Creatures should no longer get stuck on one another if they reload at same location or jump to same location
As mentioned, we're not far from fixing the issues and bringing this update to the main branch. We likely have a round of balance changes to go before we reach that point, so we'll be taking into account all of your feedback before we set about doing this.

Thanks to everyone who has been particularly helpful during this beta period (you know who you are!) and thank you to everyone who's given us clues about where glitches might be hiding - you've made the process much smoother.