[Bug] 0.21142 'Queen in danger' music playing when no enemies are near the queen


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At some point an enemy wandered near the queen, the game registered that and started playing the 'queen in danger' music. But when there were no enemies near the queen this music did not stop playing:
(Maybe it has something to do with the number of enemies spawned?)
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Have run into this issue in current version [0.2325].

I think have I found a common factor: every time this issue triggers it seems there is a creature using a special move/attack near the queen...
In the first video, a jumping spider starts a jump from near the queen.
In the second video, a DCH uses its spray attack near the queen.
In the third video, a wolf spider uses its special move (that I forgot the name of) to run past ants, also running past the queen.

And this time it happened with a DCH again, just like in the second video.

Could this issue have something to do with special moves/attacks?
Speaking of danger themes. In Hibernation, there is some sort of “queen in danger” theme. However, it only seems to play when your nest temperature drops too low. I suspect the nest temperature and the queen's health are almost the same thing. This may be the reason enemies aren't going directly to the queen after opening a cavern.