[Bug?] - Green Lynx Spiders have Multiple Sizes? [Freeplay]


Is anyone else reporting this? In freeplay, it seems green lynx spiders have multiple sizes. I would also like to note none of them had any star next to their health bar.

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This seems like the same situation with wolf spiders, multiple sizes put into the game. I like this feature.
This is raising questions. As this only appears in freeplay, as far as I'm aware. The thing is, we don't see multiple sizes in the battle arena, the fire ants levels, or anywhere else for that matter besides from freeplay.


Good point. While this may be a bug, it could be a good addition by fixing battle arena and freeplay, but also by putting in different sizes into 4.1 so that they grow over time, or something like that.
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Forgot to put this on here, Aaaaaa

Took me some time, but I've managed to figure out what causes this issue. Anyone can replicate it, it's very easy. If you save a freeplay, then reload, all green lynx spiders will become a little smaller. You can repeat this many times until you eventually can hardly see the spider. However, newly spawned spiders will remain their normal size.