Does killing bugs drop food?

Picking this up tomorrow. Just watching through a few videos online and haven't noticed it. Or does killing bugs not drop food due to balancing?


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It depends on the context. Black ants and wood ants can harvest food from any creature that isn't also an ant. Leafcutters can't collect food from enemies - they have to cut leaves!

Food drops slightly less in freeplay as difficulty increases. You can see the food quantity of all items in the world (seeds, dead creatures, etc) by selecting the knife and fork with an eye icon from the bottom right (O by default to toggle).

EDIT: As The vegetarian ant notes there are attack waves made of various creatures in some game modes that don't drop food (otherwise it'd be free food straight to your colony once you got to a certain strength level).
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It's great that you're diving into the game, but in most cases, killing bugs doesn't drop food. Game developers usually design it that way to maintain game balance and emphasize other resource-gathering mechanics.
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So, while you may not find food from vanquished virtual bugs, you can certainly discover some delicious and nutritious options in the real world.
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