Dubbing and translation into Russian and Ukrainian

I am writing to you from besieged Kyiv.
I'm fan of Empires of the Undergrowth and have been playing and enjoying it for about two years. I am from Ukraine and my native language is Ukrainian. But like many Ukrainians, I understand Russian fluently. This is necessary, among other things, because many services and games are not translated into Ukrainian. All this time I have been playing your game in Russian. And as fan of this wonderful game, I recently wanted to write to you, the developers, that I want to help you with the translation of the game into Russian, because many parts of the game have not yet been translated, or translated poorly.

I am voice and dubbing actor, I do voiceovers audio books for children, I also have experience in voice acting for films, television series and cartoons. Earlier, I was also ready to write to you that I was ready to cooperate with you to implement the voice acting of your game in Russian. I think many players from different countries would appreciate the Russian voice acting.

Also, I wanted to write to you that it would be nice to translate the game into Ukrainian. I could also help with voice acting in Ukrainian.

If necessary, I can provide you with examples of my work on voice acting.

However, the events of recent days have changed my life quite a lot. A few days after I had the idea to write to you, on February 24 at 5 am I woke up from the fact that a rocket hit a house nearby. Russian troops started bombarding my city. Russia started the war against Ukraine.

We have to spend most of the day in a bomb shelter. I already have dead friends, there are friends with whom I have not been able to get in touch since the beginning of the war, because they are in the practically destroyed Mariupol. But do not lose heart now, we are helped by the belief that we can protect our land, love for loved ones, and other things that made us happy in peacetime. Previously, one of those things for me was the voice acting and the time spent playing your game.

Unfortunately, now it has become harder for me to think about translating your game into Russian. Even though most of my life I spoke Russian. Now my whole family has completely switched to the Ukrainian language, because at present this is a matter of principle for us.

Therefore, I would like to suggest that you consider the option of translating the game into Ukrainian now. However, I am also ready to discuss with you the topic of the Russian language: it is not alien to me, and close to me, although it has now acquired gloomy tones for us.

Unfortunately, I won't be able to do voiceover work right now. However, as long as the cell towers are not destroyed and we have at least some internet, I could work on translating the texts of Empires of the Undergrowth!
And if I'm lucky, I'd like to work on voice acting after the war is over.

I hope for your understanding and feedback during this difficult time.
Ready for discussion, from under shelling - your fan shprotodav.


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We've been talking about this post in our team discussions, because it is a lot. The awful aggression that Ukraine is experiencing now make us very sad and we sincerely hope you and your loved ones are able to be safe during this time.

The Russian translation is being updated, and we might consider a Ukrainian one in the future. For now, we just hope that you're able to be safe, and we can't imagine what life must be like in such a situation. It's heartbreaking that anyone has to live like that.