Exiled (Extra Level Suggestion)

This Swamp environment extra level is based on a once great colony roaming lands far and wide, but plagued by rebellions and eventually war. The colony was forced to flee to a nearby land, longing to rejoin with its empire. You must take back what was yours!
  • Objective : Take the first step: Kill the first two opposing colonies.
  • Also, D = Difficulty
  • W = Last Wave
  • F = Animals of that Farm
Level Beginning
Your colony will start with a pre-dug entrance and a few worker and soldier tiles. There are also small piles of food scattered around your nest.

The top enemy nest starts with a few workers and a big amount of soldiers. The bottom starts with a medium force of workers and a small number of soldiers. Both colonies will also have an attack force. This attack force will be made unclear to you while playing. Each starts with 5 soldiers and cannot be edited by AI.

Farms start with 3 animals.

Each wave, both enemies will be forced to launch both their entire attack forces at the player. If the wave is above 5, an enemy queen will spawn from spawning site 3 and try to attack your nest. (To make it clear, the enemy is trying to replace your colony with a new one of theirs.) Afterwards, (((D + W)D) * (W + 1)) * 2 new brood tiles are added to each force. Waves will happen every 7 minutes.

Farms are intended to be the player’s main food source. They have some strategy involved with them too. Animals from farms will be attacked by and are hostile towards animals from spawn site three ONLY. This means :
  • Protect your farm
  • Grow your farm big
  • But still harvest from them

The mechanics are kind of complicated. Every (D * 2) + 1 minutes, one farm animal emerges from the spawn site closest to the farm. Additionally, every D minutes, ((1 + W) * .5)F) * .5 farm animals will spawn at the same place.

Spawning Sites
At daytime, 1 will spawn Fishing Spiders, Six Spotted Tiger Beetles, and lone packs of 3 * D Head Ants. At nighttime, 1 will spawn Bombardier Beetles and Fishing Spiders. Enemies from 1 will stay on the bottom layer only. They are not hostile towards enemy Fire Ants.

At daytime, 2 will spawn Green Lynx Spiders, Dwarf Salamanders, False Bombardier Beetles, and Great Blue Skimmers. At nighttime, 2 will spawn Checkered Beetles, Pine Woods Tree Frogs, and Eastern Newts. Enemies from 2 will stay on the top layer only.

At daytime, 3 will spawn Wasp Mantidflies, American Bullfrogs, Cow Killers, and lone packs of 5 * D Little Black Ants. At nighttime, 3 will spawn Narrow Mouthed Toads, Magnolia Green Jumping Spiders, and Green Lynx Spiders. All enemies from 3 will go to the bottom layer.

Map Layout
  • The Xs are the farms. Top is Checkered Beetle Larvae and bottom is False Bombardier Beetle Larvae.
  • The green and red circles are nests. The green nest is yours and the red nests are queens of the region usurper.
  • The places with numbers on them are spawning sites. The numbers represent which type.
  • The arrows represent ramps. They always point downwards.
  • Capture.PNG
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never heard of that name in my life

Edit : Did some research, and yeah it's basically that but with supercolonies
Once Solenopsis Invicta took a ship to Alabama, this level's lore also has a piece of it grow too distant and eventually break off forming your own supercolony, but then a part of you breaks off and takes control of almost all of it's land so you are forced to flee to where you are now