extra level idea : naval assault

you control an ereptor colony on an island surrounded by aphids, then water, then fire ant colonies (in concentric circles)
you have to hold out long enough to build up your colony while the fire ant repeatedly build bridges to access your colony and attack you, if you hold out long enough, the water level decreases for a moment, giving you some time to send soldiers to attack the solenopsis
It wouldn't matter if the water level rose. If you were encircled by that many fire ant colony's, you wouldn't survive anyway. In fact this would just mean that it would be easier for the fire ants to get to you.

So no, I actually don't like the idea.
the fire ants won't all attack at once, if it was just a numbers game you would loose in 2.2, they will send attack waves one after the other and you'll have a steady food source with the aphids
Actually i have a small question that i am ok with not being answered. What ants do the Ereptor colony has access to?
So what happens at the end when you have to send out your soldiers to attack one of the fire ant colony's, while all your soldiers are away, another fire ant colony would come in and murder your queen.
why would you send all your soldiers ? that's kinda the point, not being able to put all your eggs in one basket but rather sending taskforces

Actually i have a small question that i am ok with not being answered. What ants do the Ereptor colony has access to?
black ants
wood ants
atta media
atta major
trap jaws
(and you can have upgrades like in extremis)
I like your idea, but here is my twist on the concept.
- The map is like below: your ereptor colony is in the center of the ring (blue), surrounded by 2 fire ants colonies (red and yellow)
- Light gray is flooded area and dark gray is dry land. Water rises at night and recedes at day, bring fishes and morsel to the flooded area. Most creatures spawn on dry land.
- You have access to a LOT of food for a good head start.
- The outer flooded area is full of tiger beetle larvae, respawning some everyday. They may save you early on, but late game they prove to be troublesome for marching.
- At day, fire ants harvest and attack you by the long orange path. At night, get ready to be assaulted consecutively by both colonies using the shorter water bridges (green).
- Your colony consist of vigorous fire ant, slavemaker, mortar wood ant, stun leafcutter (and extra species if needed). This combo allows exreme AoE fire power to push through the 2 huge fire ant colonies. And you can only attack them at day going the long orange way around (it's flooded at night).
- Win condition: kill either fire ant colony (so your colony can relocate to a better place).
New Canvas.jpg
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I love this idea I think the devs should make this an extra level.The map options will be flooding and berriers.