Fatter Acts


Hey John and Liam, maybe even Mike. Will the acts (I'm not sure what to call it) be fatter? Because I feel like the player will need to do more stuff in the acts. I and a lot of us kind of get bored doing the same missions over and over again, I personally haven't got past the first challenge but I am slow progress. Also it there can be more juicy content, like would you have 6 of small ice creams spread out in the week or 3 big ice cream Sundays every 2 days. Of course, that doesn't like there's only like 4 or 5 acts! :mad:

But it does mean that there will be more meaningful content.


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I too, would like to see 3 missions a chapter, although I'm also fine with much of anything that allows the game to be put out in the best condition.

I'd also settle for bonus missions after the full release.