freepay mode needs work ...

as title says, it needs work, lots of work ... i started a free-play with what ever stetting it starts you at but with wood ants. before opening gate to outside i had 7 of my own workers (not including ones that came from queen), 4 fast spitter's and 4 melee fighters. i could not make any more of anything cuz there wasn't enough food inside so i opened gate and within 10 seconds of opening gate, the black and white beetle and his kid walked right in and up to queen followed by both types of devil coach-horse and a crab? seriously? how was i suppose to deal with that with 15 ants? and every time i started a new free-play i had the same results. its simply impossible to get my colony off the ground. i know we need a challenge but all these things walking in in groups as soon as i open the gate is ridiculous ... in real life a ant colony would never have all these things walking in there front door like that ... and just a side note: when you put your marker down, your ant don't always listen to you, some of the ants simply ignore what you want them to do ...


I recommend you use just spitters because melee ants are just useless. You also shouldn't put waves on as a first-time player if you did so.


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Some of your ants are meant to ignore what you want them to do for a period of time. It wouldn't be realistic if all of your ants began following a fresh pheromone trail at once. I agree though, in a real ant colony, a ton of enemies wouldn't just enter the nest at once.
With wood ants, melee ants are useless. Spitters are the ones doing the damage, you just need a wall of HP bars between them and the enemy for them to be effective. Workers are a third of the cost of melee ants and get the job done just as well.


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One of the issues with freeplay at the moment is how random everything can be. The start settings plug weights into the setup & spawning algorithms which are inherently random. Its something we controlled significantly in the campaign levels, but in freeplay it can get a bit wild. Once we get the Leafcutter update out and return to do another pass of freeplay, we will put some work into making difficulty settings have a more deterministic impact.