Front line on impossible is actually impossible


So I'm attempting to beat all the story levels on impossible, but front line is difficult to the point of feeling actually broken. I don't have trouble getting enough soldiers, fighting enemies, or collecting food, what happens is that once you get the army ants down to the last line they spawn so little that even if you kill all of them constantly it's impossible to get the bar all the way down, and then by the time the next day rolls around the bar has refilled to the point where it just resets any progress you've made. I can have 70+ soldiers and well over 1000 food but the army ants just don't spawn fast enough to reduce the bar.

Proposed solutions:
- Make army ants spawn more frequently when the bar is down to the last column
- Make the bar go down faster when down to the last column
- Prevent the bar from increasing once down to the last column
- Make scouts better at reporting back to the swarm(it almost never happens even when you want it to)
It's possible, you should practice more to overcome it. There are times when I succeed easily, and times when I fail due to a small mistake. Map 3.2, in my opinion, is the hardest in the game. I've completed all the story modes at the impossible + challenge level. If you want, I can replay the maps and come back for reference.
You should pay attention, when you determine your final push to complete the game, you must maintain the fill level of the bar at 1/2 of level 1 before it gets dark and the ants retreat (maintain this from red to gray and until the bar disappears). Then try to preserve the army and keep the food level above 1000. As dawn approaches, you should prepare two armies ready at the enemy's exit gate before they appear.
Furthermore, in the "extra level arcade" mode, the maps "Enemy of My Enemy 2" and "The Culling 2" are very interesting. I could only complete those two maps once on insane difficulty (old version). I haven't tried again on the new update with "impossible" difficulty.
My English is very bad, I'm learning more.
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