Front Line With Workers Only

It's impossible, right? That's what everyone's been saying. You simply cannot get passed the army ants because of their rage ability. But.. what if you.. can?? I have completed two attempts on workers - only Front Line (I trashed the mediae at the start), and the results actually seem to be going pretty well, even though I failed both times. You can use the same strategy that I used in my workers only FC3 video, just without the attract ants. Rush five pheromones of forty workers each into a trail (usually the middle part, below will have more army ants), and when the army ants pile up to much, immediately retreat. I've tried this twice and both times I got pretty dang close to beating them. The first time, I was an idiot and tried to attack the spawnpoint, and the second time, I simply failed to gather 1000 before day started. But I did actually get close, about ten majors away from victory. At first the obvious assumption is that they regenerate too fast so I'll always fail, but that's what I thought when I tried to beat Front Line insane in three nights. And Buff981 did it in two, if I recall correctly. In other words, this is probably possible and is worth trying out.

  1. Enter the game, trash all the mediae, and create two chambers for food and refuse right next to the entrance.
  2. Create as many workers for the main group until you have 40 and send them to gather leaves.
  3. Start creating workers around your queen and also send them to gather.
  4. Once you have your 40 workers in the main group, move the secondary group to your queen command and start another group.
  5. Keep harvesting until you have 40 workers in that second group, and then make a new group and repeat until all five pheromones are filled up, or until halfway through the second night.
  6. When you do reach halfway through the night, you should have about three groups of workers (remember they should have 40 each). Keep gathering leaves, but don't use them on workers unless you have more than 1500.
  7. When the army ants arrive, execute strategy hit and run repeatedly, in the middle of their trail, as many times as possible.
  8. When the army ants retreat, start harvesting again and finish up all your groups of ants. Then create workers for your nest group until they are 43 ants large.
  9. Once all five pheromones are filled with ants of 40 group and the nest pheromone has exactly 50 total ants, start stockpiling leaves.
  10. When the army ants do come out, you should have at least 1500 food. If you do not, restart the game.
  11. Repeat the hit and run, when night comes repeat the harvest, and when the army ants arrive again repeat hit and run until they die.
This is the strategy I've used to almost kill them, and it's been showing excellent results for only two tries. I think it's possible to win in about four or five days.
Yes. Probably as difficult as The Culling on insane. I just finished something I was doing yesterday so now I'm starting to optimize this strategy