Game starts on wrong display


Hey there
I am running a 2-display setup.
When opening EotU, the game starts on my left Monitor, instead of the main one.
When testing around it seemed to always pick the left-most Display to start on.

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Raya 016

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I'm having the same issue. I was able to fix it the first time I started the game using the keyboard shortcut (windows+shift+left/right arrow) but now when I do that nothing changes.

Had an idea in the middle of writing this lol. So I had to change the option from windowed borderless to fullscreen the first time around, after I had already changed screens with the shortcut. Just now, I was able to put it back into windowed fullscreen (while dealing with a fun little offset error) and the shortcut worked again. Hope that helps until the devs figure out whats going on!


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Developer of EotU
We will make a note about this. At the moment crashes are top of our priority list but I can understand how this is frustrating.


Actually, in my specific case, it is not that bad.
I was able to get the game to start on the proper, "main" monitor (right one of a 2-Display setup, both operating at the same resolution) by switching the arrangement of the displays in the Windows Desktop Resolution Window (so that my (physically) right monitor gets treated by Windows as the left one and vice versa).