game very laggy after 100 ants

my system specs are
8gb ram ddr3 1600
gtx 1070

after 100 ants the game starts lagging really bad and after 400 the game is maybe less than 1fps.
on the task manager everything is normal cpu 25% ram 30% gpu 2% disk 1%. any tips on what might be wrong? i've seen videos with same number of ants and game is smooth!


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Hi Takomako,

Would you mind telling me the version of the game you are running?
You will find the version in the bottom left on the main menu.

Considering your system specs something does seem wrong here. Just to check are you running it on windows?
the version is 0.056 the latest from indiebd. yes windows 10 64 bit. is there a log i can send you?

p.s. of course i also tried lowering all the settings and still nothing!

it seemed to me like the application is not using all the cores of the cpu! since i was monitoring cpu usage and it never surpassed 25%. could this be it?


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25% does seem very much like it could only be using one core. The person who could help with this issue is currently moving house and wont be available for a few days but when he is back I will make sure he takes a look.


The game is probably more CPU bound rather than GPU bound. One reason why is that the game needs to calculate all these ants moving about which is primarily a CPU thing. It would make sense if the game was only using a single thread as opposed to using all the threads in the CPU.

For example, if I had a computer with a GTX 1070 8GB with a FX 6350 and another computer with a i3 7100, the game would perform better on the i3 as it only uses one core and the i3 has a better IPC whilst the FX 6350's architecture is rather lackluster in terms of this. However, the FX has 6 threads so if the game was to use all the cores, it run at approximately the same speed as the i3 which has 4 threads as the extra cores make up for it.