IMPORTANT: How to get Crash Reports to us!

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If you suffer a persistent crash in the game, it is important that you email in the crash reports that the engine generates to us. Simply clicking "Send and Close" does not work - those reports go to the engine makers, not us, where they will be ignored.

If you get any crashes, we ask politely if you could email us, attaching the crash log files which you can find by following the link on the crash reporter (see the image linked below). Any contextual information you can provide would also be useful - what you were doing at the time of the crash, your hardware specs, etc.


^ how to find the crash files

Email the files to

Also, zipping up and sending us your save files too as these could be very helpful.

They will usually be found at C:\Users\YOUR_USERNAME\AppData\Local\EotU\Saved (where C is the drive letter of the drive with your Windows installation, and YOUR_USERNAME is your Windows username). Please note, the AppData folder is usually set to be hidden, so you will need to set Windows File Explorer to 'Show Hidden Files and Folders' (Googling this should show you how).

Getting crash reports to us using this method is important because without them, it is very difficult to get to the bottom of the issue, particularly if it is not a widespread one and particular to your system. Thanks again for playing, and we will try to fix crashes wherever possible.

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