Introducing: Beetle Uprising


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About seven months ago, we announced our partnership with our friend Tom Johnson, who is working on a complex evolution-based sandbox game called Ecosystem. Although we’re not developing the project (it’s entirely Tom’s baby) we are acting as the publisher for it through Steam and other platforms. During our time developing Empires of the Undergrowth, we’d like to think that we’ve learned a few things about media and marketing for a nature-based game project, and we’ve kept our eye out for projects that fall under this banner. We’d now like to talk about Beetle Uprising!

Beetle Uprising has been on Steam for some time now. John and Mike played it on a live stream at one point – we’ve had a friendly rivalry with Iocane Games (who are developing it) ever since we heard that in the game you can be awarded a trophy commemorating beetle dominance over ants. Whilst we were expecting an enjoyable mix of Sims-like home building and real-time tactics (RTT) combat, we weren’t expecting the deep complexity of its genetics breeding system, which kind of blew us away. These systems are remarkably close to real-world genetics, with all the subtleties of genes, alleles, gametes and all those words you’d nearly forgotten about from school.

We thought this game really deserved to see the light of day more than it had, so we got in touch with the guys at Iocane to see if they’d like to work with us to that end, and to our delight they did. We’ve been advising them on getting a demo up for the game (in a similar vein to the one we have for Empires of the Undergrowth and Ecosystem) and improving its website and the like. The demo is available now to download from IndieDB, follow this link to download it from IndieDB, and also the project is near completion and can be purchased from Steam!

Click above to visit the Beetle Uprising IndieDB page and download the demo!

We really hope you give the demo of this surprisingly complex, genre-defying genetics / home building / tactics game a go, and if you enjoy it support the project. The Iocane guys are looking forward to your feedback on this game – they're hovering around the forums so let them know what you think. Now, back to regular programming!


The whole breeding system is just one big high school biology test lol. Not very fond of the mix between RTS and SIM, but I'll give it a try.