Jacksepticeye/Markplier lets play needed


Slug Disco studios if you're reading this, I think you need a big YouTuber like Jacksepticeye or Markplier to show off Empires of the Under Growth. It can give popularity and much-needed attention. More people will know about Empires of the UnderGrowth, and you could get more funding for the game. Please Email one of them or something and give them the backers version to show everybody. It will work out great. If your listening pleases comment.

PS Ask him to link the forum.


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Developer of EotU
Hi Redmoth27!

We read everything that goes up on the forum and we agree, to date YouTubers have been out best source of exposure. We are actually in good contact with a few (we chased them up after they covered the game) and a few have said they will cover the full game on release.

That said we would love to get more interested. In the run-up to release we will be getting keys out to YouTubers and we will make sure we get keys to the ones you mentioned.