Kaien Saerin's Bug Splat


Gonna make a generic bug report forum for myself. Although I've already beat the game once, I might run through it again for science. But from memory Ima post what I found here and update the first post and a bump post for future finds.

1. Ants getting stuck on food: Sometimes they get turned around and lodged against it with no way of escaping. But generally with time they'll unlodge themselves.

2. Water engulfing ants not on the lower platforms: This one is specifically when ants are climbing up the ramp to escape the tide. Although a majority of the ramp was dry after the water came up. It'd still sweep the ants away.

3. Larger Insects getting stuck in your tunnels: Refering too the ones connecting the undergrowth and the surface. Twice now once on 2.1 and the 2nd test from the scientist/biologist I've had their dots get stuck on the surface map where the tunnels were. This was especially annoying on the last last level where the story wouldn't progress cause I never cleared all the enemies, without me finding a way to fix it myself besides reloading to a previous save point.

4. Invisible food: Not sure how to describe this and not sure if this was for sure what was going on. On level 2.2 i used workers too passively pickup food too take too base, the food tiles i made 2 layers thick covering the entrance/exits too the outside all these tiles were lv2 Because they were near walls and i used boost pads too be able to get em too lv 2. However i removed the boost and walls later too make room too run past these without getting slowed down too much. I'd watch my workers carry the amphid's honey too the tunnels act like they dropped it down and still not gain any food for it. believe it was around 170/480 for a good 2-3 minutes. Then I went to collecting all the food and abandoning the amhids for the food i could dig up in the undergrowth. Later it worked fine. Havent been able too replicate this one :(