Nerf the Narrow-mouthed Toad in cold blood please

I had hundreds of max level fire ant fighters. I had collected every aphid on the map and killed both opposing colonies queens. I was just about to go kill the bull frog when a few of the narrow mouthed toads and taken down the bullfrog on their own before I even got there, which is in itself a sign these frogs are overpowered. The narrator was talking about how the bullfrog had succumb to the stings of the fire ants and I hadn't even fought it, which is funny. My massive army was fueled by a full food store full of every piece of food from the burrow, all the food harvested from both opposing ant colonies, and the huge mass of aphids. Even with hundreds of max level ants and copious amounts of food in the storage, before I could even see what this wave of amphibians was after the death of the bullfrog, one of the regular waves of narrow mouthed toads arrived and this time my entire colony wasn't enough to defeat them, and I lost, right before the very end of the level. I didn't even get to experience fighting the bull frog or the aftermath. This was in normal mode btw. I refuse to replay this level all over again, and can't be bothered to try the new formicarium challenge. I dont think the little frogs are meant to be the biggest threat in that level, and definitley are not supposed to kill the bullfrog, as the narraration didnt even match up. Please nerf them or something.


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I beat the frog with ~150 T1 ants on normal, I was able to survive the nest invasion waves with ease after I harvested the frog and had 37 workers with attack and harvest off running eggs around the nest.


I have never seen other creatures besides the fire ants attack the bullfrog. Unless the developers can confirm that other creatures will attack it, saying a few toads have killed it is, at best, not true. I was easily able to defeat the toads and the bullfrog with ease, this thread seems to be overexaggerating. Although, there will be balancing in the coming patches.

If someone has seen other creatures directly attack the bullfrog, please show a screenshot or video, I have never seen this happen before. I've only seen other creatures just get eaten by it. I need confirmation on this.
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the bullfrog starts with only a fifth of its potential full health
I think he means that the bullfrog had died to narrow mouthed toads.

my entire colony wasn't enough to defeat them
Are you sure? Did you have open fighting spaces for the toads? Were your brood being replenished quickly? And here's a tip: you can turn attack off for a short time to allow your ants to surround the toads. This greatly reduces the impact of their area damage attacks and allows more ants to fight at once.


I had no problem defeating the little waves of frogs and had no issue defeating the two ant colonies and bull frog. However; the final wave of amphibians after the frog was such an incredible jump in difficulty over anything thus far, and I was unable to deal with it. I had 300+ almost entirely tier 3 combat ants and around 50 worker ants with food collection and fighting disabled running eggs around. I died and it was not even that close, there was around 15 amphibians left by the time every one of my ants was dead. Yes I primarily fought in open spaces in which my ants could surround the enemies. The issue was not food either, as I had around 300 food left in reserve. The massive jump in power was very unexpected and I don't understand how strong you are expected to be, this was even just normal difficulty. I found this failure at the very end to such an unwinnable battle quite frustrating. I am not sure why after a battle as easy as the bull frog there was such an immensely overpowered challenge directly after. I would assume I just needed to for some reason amass even more strength than 300+ teir 3 ants with a good worker population aswell, exept
scyobi_empire claims to have survived it with only 150 tier 1 ants. I find this difficult to believe, unless perhaps they played on easy and the power jump from easy to medium is that great. I simply don't understand what i am doing wrong, can someone enlighten me please?


Did you still run out of food? If so, you need more.

50 worker ants
Did you run out of worker ants? If so, you need to keep your worker ant chamber close to the queen, or else the workers won't replenish themselves which leads to slower soldier replenishment. I had this problem on The Other Foot.

I find this difficult to believe
They may have just used more combat strategies. Remember, it helps a ton to fight the frogs in open spaces and switch attack off for a short period to allow soldiers to surroubd enemies. And it's entirely possible you just got unlucky with the RNG and had eight toads in a single space, which I agree is kind of unfair, but you will need to restart.

Hope this helped.