Optional Beta v0.22035 - New freeplay map! Marker changes.


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EDIT: Hotfix 0.220351

Thanks to everyone who has reported issues, this has allowed us to get to the bottom of them quickly! Some issues remain however the worst ones have been solved.
  • Fixed a crash that would occur every time a save happened (such as starting a story colony or playing a story mission)
  • Fixed an issue causing certain landmarks to float on the map Basin
  • Fixed an issue in Tug Of War where ants were being sent home
  • Fixed an issue where having map appropriate creatures set on Basin map would not always be rainforest creatures
  • Fixed an issue where alliance starting points were not functional on map Towhead
  • Fixed an issue with AI colonies markers sending ants home shortly after they get to surface
  • Fixed a bug in freeplay setup where a setup is first saved it would not be selected from the menu but would act like it was
  • New freeplay games with open the setup window with default settings now instead of trying to restore your previous settings (they have been issues with this functionality so it is being disabled until a fix can be found)

We’ve updated the currently-running optional beta including a new freeplay map! - this will only affect you if you're participating in said currently-running optional beta, detailed in this post.

New Features
  • New freeplay map - Basin
    • This map is designed around a 2v2 match
    • If you have a single ally, you will start in the same area and have quick access to each others nests
    • This map also has destructible barriers at the top and bottom of the map which when destroyed open up new routes of attack (make sure the map option is on)
  • Allied starting locations have been implemented on all freeplay maps (if possible allies in groups of two will be put next to one another)
  • Towhead has had ramps added near each players nest, reducing both distance to landmarks and chance of being trapped by an enemy

  • Markers rework
    • Ants will now all immediately leave the nest
    • In order to create trails some ant will turn around on their way to the destination and start coming home early
    • This video explains the changes:

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a crash that would occur on “the other foot” level when creatures got close to bridge edges (after the formicariums are connected)
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Thanks, Ecosystem update, Beetle Rising update (release date) and this, thanks!

Also, I like the marker changes.


Okay, so I did this on Towhead and it probably has to do with the new marker changes as said, it may be quite powerful? This only happens with AI and it barely gets any food. Put the AI on Off and watch it do nothing, stuck.


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I found a serious issue inside the AI, seems AI was not updating the number of ants it has in groups so it always through groups were empty. The new trails if groups are empty send an ant home every 3 seconds so they will not have been able to get out the nest. Think I have a fix and I am about to test it then I can package and push an update. Wish me luck
the map and changes look great ! too bad for the marker changements but I entirely understand how they can be infuriating, I just liked the way I had to juggle with them and use the bugs/features to my advantage, I guess it's not a great loss. thank you for the update !