Some questions from a new player


Hey there, I just grabbed the game last night because I was playing Empires of the Undergrowth and the ad got me! I have a few questions if anyone wouldn't mind helping me out.

Currents: How to I effectively use the current draw tool? Is there a length limit? Is there a unique number of currents limit? I have used it and feel like I am doing it wrong, and have trouble even seeing what I did.

Darkness: I see that mushrooms thrive in darkness, but how do I make it dark? Inside caves and deep down doesn't seem to create darkness so I have to be missing something

Plankton: Do I have to use the current tool to make moving plankton? Do plankton need anything to live or do they chill indefinitely when placed?

Death and Eggs: Some plants etc. get bonuses from death or eggs around them. What counts as death? is it animals that die and sink to the floor or do plants and plankton die and therefor count? How can I see eggs/ what steps should I take to create an area with eggs in it?

Fish placement: Once spawned, do fish stay near where I spawned them? If not, what determines where and how far the migrate?

Really liking the base gameplay mechanics being built, and can see this game becoming amazing if the devs keep at it!