Suggestion for pheromone marker.

Currently I see the pheromone marker acting as it always has since I first started. So nothing too drastic has changed with it from what I can tell. Unless I have mistaken, ants take the closest path possible to get to the pheromone marker.

My suggestion is having the ability to adjust the path to the pheromone marker. I prefer the ability to decide what is the best path. Even if its a longer route. I would like to avoid certain dangers often times no way around. Said dangers are more early in the match. I feel like leaf cutter ants would benefit from manually set path ways.

How to implement. It doesn't have to be complicated first off. A simple addition to what currently exists. When placing a marker we see a path to it. Have the ability to select points on said path. These points can be selected to drag or pull the path. You would be able to adjust the path to your liking when it's applicable. I would suggest at least three adjustable points per marker.

I am not sure if this has been suggested yet, I did not see any threads about it yet. What do you think? I am away from my main good pc, but may add some pictures to describe the suggestion better


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This has been suggested before, multiple times. It took them one year to rebuild and optimise the movement code and they didn't change it, I don't think they will in the future.