suggestion (just to know if its already in the to do list or not)

3rd message end up here.

Anyways, i made a little list of suggestions you could do on your next update.

Major updates: - Adding more Stages
- New kind of enemys (Scorpions would be great :D)
- Making a save button for the Freeplay mode or other ones

Minor updates: - Maybe making the Story a bit different because ive seen someone getting mad because of the professor
I actually like the professor. He's so excitable and naughty. And honestly having to fight off his hordes are some of the most fun things I've done in the game so far. I wonder if the Lady Professor has some similar quarks or if maybe she purposefully set those strict limits KNOWING her colleague was going to ignore them.

Basically I wanna see what happens when She is alone with the Formicarium.
Hmm... maybe she connects your outworld to the outworld of a much weaker colonie.
When the female Scientist is going on toilet (or whatever she does) you are invading the hostile nest.

The female Scientist wanted to be on the save side and you teach her, that you are not that weak.

Important: This must happen after finishing a formicarion challange and not be one of them. Because you should be able to conquer this permanently. Repeat the Mission makes no sense, to invade a Nest thats now under your control. It should be part of the "freeplay" part of your formicarium mode.
about your idea Talon. It actually sounds good. Like...

if theres once an update with the 5th formicarium challenge. What if we are able to invade the Ants and have two formicariums so you have a bigger home?