V0.18 The Information Update - Out Now!


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The Information Update is out now! Featuring far stronger analytical tools to help you guide your marine environment.

This marks the first major content update for the game as we continue on the Early Access journey. Today's update will bring the game up to v0.18!

Full patch notes are below, and if you want a video overview of all the new features I have included the video preview we put out below!


Patch Notes


  • Add graphs that display the populations of each animal and plant species over the course of the game.
  • Add a species panel that allows setting soft caps for the minimum and maximum populations of each species, modifying its mutation rate, and culling the entire species at once.
  • Add properties to the creature leader board and allow for boosting or culling creatures directly from it.
  • Add phylogenetic tree that displays the evolutionary history of each species, with mutations for each creature listed and snapshots depicting the physiology of the most successful ones.
  • Add graphs that display the population, diet, birth rate, and common causes of death for each species.

  • Fix issue where plants could fail to load and creatures targeting them would end up aiming for the wrong plants.
  • Fix issue where bite animations could get stuck on.
Here's Dan's introductory video to the new features: