What happened to this Fire ant animation?


So in this video that showcased the Fire ant animations, there was an idle animation (I think it was an idle animation at least) where the Fire ant would do a pose that was basically Scyobi_Empire's profile image. But there's no sign of it in the final update.
Here's the video:
Edit: The thumbnail is literally the thing I was talking about lol.


It's still there, just rare. They don't often stand still long enough for the idle anim.
Thanks for clearing that up! I mustn't have seen it because I almost never spend enough time doing nothing lol.

Update: I spent a while in the battle arena just staring at a Fire ant soldier, and I only saw an animation similar but it was only the ant opening it's mandibles, but nothing else. not sure if that's a different anim and I just wasn't waiting long enough to actually see it.
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I saw it once during 4.2 as I was waiting out one of the nights, I forgot I remapped the screenshot mode and missed it.

I should probably map the keys back to normal, why did I put it on NUM* to turn it on?