What should the next ant be?

ant armi

я тоже голосую за них но и за чёрных больших древоточцев(это вид такой мурах)
Common, while that would be interesting, it goes against all current rules of play. Kamikaze ants however could play off the fire ant’s strengths and be a cheap swarm unit with ok or little melee damage but medium health and a explosion on death with lower damage to smaller enemies and larger damage as the enemies get bigger. It would add a new mechanic while building upon current ones.

ant armi

било би лутше эслиби ети медики как только их ранили направлялись в сторону противника и взривались.
либо не напрвлялись но их взрив би личил союзников.


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I feel that most of the ants in the game already fall into some form of niche+Generalized category, there are swarmers, tanks, and specialized ranged ants which would make for implementing a new ant into the game hard since there are too many possibilities for it to have the same gameplay as another ant species which is already in the game.
Oh? Ok maybe they could be cheap units to build, but take a long time to replace, with level 3 causing either slow, or a poison effect that can slowly kill things up to the size of a small tiger beetle or other beetle that would be keeping it accurate to real life Kamikaze ants, while also balancing them
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Крім того, армі, це було б цікавим типом мурахи, медика, який вибухає після смерті, я не можу придумати нічого подібного в жодній іншій грі, в яку я грав.
Maybe the kamikaze ants could be a anti-armor ant, with low damage to other ants and soft bodied creatures but against huge creatures and beetles/large insects they would be devastating and cut their health by a sizable amount, as well as increasing damage done by other ants, or alternatively a huge anti-swarm aoe attack on death/low health with more damage done to ants both of these would fill a unique role, with the former being a powerful but costly anti-tank and the latter being a powerful last line of defense for the nest