What were we up to in December?


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Developer of EotU
Thought I would mention briefly what we are up to at the moment. As we develop we send commits to the source control each with comments. These comments give some insight on what is being worked on. Having a look back over the Christmas holidays here is a summary of what has happened:

  • Made some balance changes to Queen of the Hill challenge mode - coming with the next bug fix patch
  • Gave the Beach Tiger Beetle Larvae high slow resistance to prevent them being slowed (slow was breaking their attack somewhat)
  • Some balance changes to refuse chambers
  • Altered the way ramps and markers work with the rising tide the both prevent the crash and improve the game experience
  • Continued work on 3.2 and focused on large creature patrols
  • Prepared the game for bug fix build
  • Working on level 3.1
  • Added in a medium sized Spiny Devil and gave it appropriate stats and abilities
  • Fixed some issues with the minims jobs
  • Balanced some of the Ecuador creatures stats
  • Solved some issues with the Leafcutter resource systems
  • Investigated and set up tests for a common crash occurring on Queen of the Hill
  • Implemented the fix for the crash on Queen of the Hill

  • Added the Harvestman model, textures and animations
  • Added in Leafhoppers models, animations, textures and a system to manage them
  • Fixed an issue with the Harvestmans walk
  • Investigated and pinpointed the crash occurring on Queen of the Hill
  • Fixed an issue with Trap-Jaws not picking up food in the correct location

I will try and give roundups like this every now and then to give an idea of how the levels are shaping up