wolf spider

Hey dev team don't know if anyone said this about the wolf spider (I didn't see anything on it) but when you kill the wolf sider (the one with 180+ food and 3 ants can harvest it) they just ignore it and just sits there. also when you fail a mission the load is really slow not sure if that is a bug or not. saw this one in another post but brain dead ants just leaving food and not harvesting after the 1st time. slightly off topic on this one but I feel like the soldier ants are slightly under power even at lvl 3 and the ranges mortar ant are slightly over power. great game so far really fun


Are you sure your ants weren't on "don't harvest"? If they are they won't harvest food.

The rufa are a bit OP.


I have the same problem the beach map I was playing for long while and the did not harvest the Wolf spiders, i hade so many wolf spiders in my nest that the blocked the way out and i hade my ants on harvest and even the ants that are workers and spawn by the queen ignored them too and they are set on harvest always


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In certain areas the wolf spiders can die and be unharvestable - this is a known issue. It's to do with the pathfinding system and it's being looked into. We knew we were unlikely to be able to fix this before early access started but luckily it's a relatively rare issue. It's on our list of fixes.