Worker ant stuck in upper left tunnel opening


In one of my Formicariums there seems to be a worker ant stuck in the upper left tunnel opening. the worker does not move and doesn't seem to get injured by attackers.

The issue happened right after completing the "New home 1.1" on challenge mode (medium difficulty) while collecting the food. It persisted through the "Formicarium Challenge 1" (this is when I notice the the ant did not get attacked) and I noticed that the young Devil's Coachman beetles hung around outside and did not enter the colony (I had to send soldiers outside to attack them at the end).

I have a zipped backup of the Saved directory at this point but cannot seem to upload it to this posting so I saved it to my Google drive here.


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Here's a screenshot (it's a known issue, happened since 0.111 I think)


I had the same thing happen except it was a soldier and not a worker.

Interestingly, 2 devil's coach horse larvae and 1 adult were stuck in, what im assuming was, a pathfinder error a little up and to the left of where it was stuck.

It was odd watching the 3 beetles just starting at the stuck soldier. It was as if they were confused as to what it was doing.


I can confirm this issue as well. Just had it on Formicarium challenge 2, where one of my ants got stuck on that same spot and there was some erratic behaviour when enemies walked by, such as stopping any movement for a few seconds then march on :)
I can confirm. It showed mine starting to come up but then they were lodged in the tunnel. Eventually all the attackers killed my queen since all of my workers and soldiers were in the tunnel. It was a really weird incident and the pheromone marker wouldn't make them move regardless of the spot selected--I can't recreate the incident to show proof however.