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    Improve ant communication and behavior?

    The ants’ movements and skins in this game are amazing, but I’ve been following y’all since the beginning and I still have the recurring annoyance of my ants being a little bit dumb in certain areas. For example, when an ant spots a piece of food, it will collect it. But it won’t return to check...
  2. N

    Aggrandise "Dead Chambers"

    After this latest update that added the new level Extremis I went back to try Aggrandise and found the map to be changed. There used to be a wall between the giant whip spider and the queen and I'm assuming that it was removed to make it easier for the spider to come and kill the queen, I am...
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    second formicator problem !

    after porting to your second home and been rewarded you end up with no food in an new nest. i did the first challange and found more food on the upper level, but i cant comand the queens ants to get it. 1. no food near the queen at the start 2. no way to gather food on uper level 3. after...