2 small suggestions for freeplay


ok, here's finally another non-extra level suggestion.

So, the 1st suggestion is a victory condition, which you can only select when you turn on randomized caverns, that victory condition will be called "excavator" and the condition you need to do in order to win and be victorious is to dig out all caverns. The other suggestion is also related to caverns, but its more like a semi-suggestion because you're not adding something new, you're just improving something, i don't know what you call that but anyways, i've seen that there is a small variety of creatures that are in the caverns, yes they are creatures that would not have appeared without randomized caverns on but one of my latest freeplay colonies as of writing this is a wood ant colony in towhead had only both stages of hermit crab, beach wolf spiderling and devil's coach horse larvae, no other creature was nesting underground in my territory, instead of just those 3, we should have a little more variety, like both stages of tiger beetle, all other 3 stages of beach wolf spider and devil's coach horse adult. So thats all for these 2 suggestions, and enjoy ant life.


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You should've seen pre-rebalance freeplay.... It would be 10 times harder with this.