1. Rensy

    Defeated colonies

    It would be better in my opinion if when you defeat a colony in freeplay mode, you permanently gain viewing access to their colony since they have been dominated and no longer thrive as a colony, I think it would be pretty cool.
  2. Rensy

    Freeplay themes

    I think it would be pretty good if freeplay maps had the choice of picking what theme you would like to play during the level (not special themes like hibernation and rising tide Christmas), It would add the the variety and make the player enjoy what theme they like or fits the theme of their...
  3. L

    Suggestion: Add CUDA acceleration for neural connections

    I would love get that performance improvement, after 30 fish i reached 20 fps with 5600x.
  4. S

    Improve ant communication and behavior?

    The ants’ movements and skins in this game are amazing, but I’ve been following y’all since the beginning and I still have the recurring annoyance of my ants being a little bit dumb in certain areas. For example, when an ant spots a piece of food, it will collect it. But it won’t return to check...
  5. Rensy

    Extra level suggestion: Eradication

    You are a red solenopsis invicta fire ant colony in the green swamp of north Carolina. There is aphid farms that you can gather honeydew from and there is other food supplies that are enough to nourish the colony's growth. But beware, there is 3 allied monomorium minimun little black ants trying...
  6. Rensy

    Extra level suggestion: Teamwork

    alas, i am back. So in this extra level you are a solenopsis invicta colony of fire ants, and you are in a rain forest instead of the green swamp of north Carolina. But you are not alone, you have 2 other sister colonies in the rain forest and will support you. Aphid farms surround the 3 fire...
  7. Rensy

    Extra level suggestion: (I really couldn't think of a name, when i think of a good one i will edit the thread title)

    Hello, back to suggesting extra levels again! In this extra level, you are a red Solepnosis Invicta fire ant colony, you are in a swamp type biome and you have some starting caverns for you to dig out and gather food to expand the colony. You see that there are a few bunches of aphid farms (the...
  8. Rensy

    Suggestion: Unit choice For army ants or driver ants in counterpart colony in freeplay

    So in this suggestion, you will be able to select a unit choice between Eciton Burcheli Army ant or Dorylus Gribodi Driver ant, This can be made before or after fire ant update, Because obviously, we will need different models, and i think Matt is always going to be working on fire ants until...
  9. Rensy

    Suggestion: Ereptor Editor

    This suggestion will allow you to edit the stats with royal jelly of both of the freeplay Ereptor colonies, i say "freeplay" because when you increase the stats with royal jelly to the ants you have it only effects the freeplay ones, and not the formicarium ones, and what i mean by edit the...
  10. Rensy

    Extra level suggestion: Test subject

    ....... In this extra level, you are a feeder colony of Formica Rufa wood ants and you are in the formicarium, scientist 1 has placed some extra food for you to start producing more ants to (not actually) feed the 2 Formica Ereptor colonies. This is not a complicated extra level, however...
  11. Rensy

    2 small suggestions for freeplay

    ok, here's finally another non-extra level suggestion. So, the 1st suggestion is a victory condition, which you can only select when you turn on randomized caverns, that victory condition will be called "excavator" and the condition you need to do in order to win and be victorious is to dig out...
  12. Rensy

    Extra level suggestion: Wanderers

    ... In this extra level, you are a (red) Formica Ereptor gene thief queen, you have a long tunnel digged out to the entrance/exit (the entrance/exit isn't digged up though), and a particular amount of caverns for you to explore, you will have some starting caverns including seeds and woodworms...
  13. Rensy

    (Hiliarious) Extra level suggestion: Sword fighting

    This one is kind of a funny one, and its meant to be. So you are a leafcutter colony in this level, simple really, you have some enemies underground cuz why not? Now when you dig to the surface, you have some, interesting mechanics, first there are 2 different types of leaves (and i don't mean...
  14. Rensy

    Extra level suggestion: Stranded

    Do i even have to say it now? I LOVE EXTRA LEVELS In this extra level, you play as Pheidole Morisii Big headed ants, you have some Question mark caverns nearby so your workers can gather and expand the colony. Now when you dig up the entrance/exit you find yourself... on a beach??? Anyways you...
  15. Rensy

    A poser mode

    Poser mode will be a mode in the "other modes" section as its own thing, there you will be in some sort of free roam thing similar to photo mode, you will be given a tab to spawn whatever model you want, every single creature model is in there for you to spawn in, but they're not Bots nor are...
  16. Rensy

    Some sort of ultimate ereptor colony at the end of early access?

    This ultimate ereptor colony will be an ereptor colony that has every main soldier from all the species of the game, it will include black ant soldiers, slave maker ant soldiers, wood ant mortars/rapid fire, leafcutter majors stun/taunt, trap jaws, army ant media and majors, fire ant majors...
  17. Rensy

    Extra level suggestion: Captivated allies

    Yes, yes...... I know I know... I make a lot and i mean a lot of extra level suggestions. BUT.I.JUST.LOVE.THEM!!! Now, back to the actual suggestion. You are obviously, a gene thief queen and you do not have starting workers. You only can build wood ant mortars, army ant majors and fire ant...
  18. Rensy

    Extra level suggestion: Remnants

    So in this extra level, you play as a Solepnosis Invicta fire ant colony with a surface, you have some starting food littered near your queen underground so that you can expand your colony. When you tunnel up the exit to the nest you find yourself in a large, swamp biome, but there is something...
  19. Rensy

    Hungry spider in freeplay suggestion

    There is a rare chance for the hungry spider to spawn in freeplay, and he can only spawn once. He is stronger than uber wolf spider, not by health but by his powers (he only has very slightly lower health than uber wolf spider). He can do venom pool, slow down your ants and he can kill and eat...
  20. Rensy

    Extra level suggestion: Vulnerable

    I'm sorry, I'm sorry, i just love extra levels so much i know i suggest too much but i just love em! So in this extra level, you play as a Formica Ereptor colony, And you find something, strange, perhaps. Your queen is outside, vulnerable to predators, so are your workers. Luckily, your queen...