A poser mode

Poser mode will be a mode in the "other modes" section as its own thing, there you will be in some sort of free roam thing similar to photo mode, you will be given a tab to spawn whatever model you want, every single creature model is in there for you to spawn in, but they're not Bots nor are they player controllable, no no no, you can move around their limbs and a few other parts of their body so that you can pose them for a nice screenshot, you can also change through maps from underground type, beach type or rainforest type to fit what you want your screenshot to look like. Although unless you're just posing 1 or 2 creatures, it will take a long time to make the perfect screenshot, which taking a screenshot from anywhere else will be easier and faster. I think this feature would be hard to implement though, due to what its like. But maybe just maybe i could have my suggestion implemented.

I actually thought of this suggestion a long long while ago, before i even was in the forum, but i kind of forgot it, but then it came back into my head so i decided "hey, why not suggest this?"