Extra level suggestion: (I really couldn't think of a name, when i think of a good one i will edit the thread title)


Hello, back to suggesting extra levels again!

In this extra level, you are a red Solepnosis Invicta fire ant colony, you are in a swamp type biome and you have some starting caverns for you to dig out and gather food to expand the colony. You see that there are a few bunches of aphid farms (the ones that are going to appear in the fire ant update), and are producing tasty honeydew that your ants are willing to gather for the colony to eat, but your colony isn't the only one here, there is another yellow fire ant colony that wants to take advantage of the aphids that inhabit the center of the map. You have 2 tasks, which 1 will appear after completing the other, the 1st objective is to relocate a large number of aphid farms to your land of territory, aphid farms do indeed respawn, but over time it takes more time to respawn them, so you better collect them fast, otherwise you won't have a steady supply of food and you will not only not be able to complete the 1st objective but you will starve, "but there are enemy creatures in the extra level, right? That whay you can kill them and get food, right?" You may ask, while yes, you can kill creatures and get food from them, they produce much less food from how much food they would originally produce, so it makes you focus on aphids more and get a steady supply of food. 2nd objective like mentioned only appears after completing 1st objective, it is to kill the other fire ant colony, which have i mentioned they also relocate the aphids to their territory, you won't be able to enter their colony nor will they be able to enter your colony until you unlock the 2nd objective, and even then you can only enter their colony, they can't enter yours.

Summary: You are fire ants, another fire ant colony exists, relocate aphids to your territory, creatures produce less food, kill enemy fire ant colony at the end.