Extra level suggestion: Remnants


So in this extra level, you play as a Solepnosis Invicta fire ant colony with a surface, you have some starting food littered near your queen underground so that you can expand your colony. When you tunnel up the exit to the nest you find yourself in a large, swamp biome, but there is something, weird. Scattered through the entire map, you will find remnants of creatures (excluding things that can be picked up like dch larva or woodworm), and everytime some are taken from their spot and eaten, more will come from above again, refilling the environment with random remnants. There is also another colony of Monomorium Minimum little black ants that are trying to dominate the area too, and is using the littered food pieces to their advantage. There is perhaps an interesting plot twist to the level, you see, other creatures can also eat the scattered food bits, but but but but! They get more powerful, so your goal (but isn't in the objectives tab) is to kill creatures before they get too powerful, as they will soon dominate the entire map, preventing you from winning.

Objectives: I'll leave this to the developers

Summary (which i've never done before): You're a fire ant colony, theres another colony of little black ants, try to kill creatures before they get too powerful and as always, Do not lose in any of the levels!


This is an actual level that could make it into the game! The idea is nice, yes certainly. This could be cool to play.