Extra level suggestion: Teamwork


alas, i am back.

So in this extra level you are a solenopsis invicta colony of fire ants, and you are in a rain forest instead of the green swamp of north Carolina. But you are not alone, you have 2 other sister colonies in the rain forest and will support you. Aphid farms surround the 3 fire ant colonies giving you a supply of food, meanwhile fauna sprawling from the rain forest that fire ants can kill and gather the remains as a source of food. But there is 1 major opponent that inhabits the area that will cause catastrophe on the fire ants and countless other creatures living in the area: Eciton Burchellii army ants are about to emerge after the next sunrise and will destroy the creatures living here, including the fire ants, luckily the fire ants have enough time and food resources to grow in order to defend against the army ant lines that will wreak havoc amongst the habitat. When the army ant lines are preparing to march at daylight there will be a pinpoint somewhere in the center on the mini map and will tell the player "prepare for battle!" on the screen while all the forces of your sister colonies exit the nest and head to the place of the pinpoint. Your objectives are to:
1: Defend against army ant swarms for 5 days.
2: Do not let one of your sister colonies to die.

Summary: You are a fire ant colony, you have 2 sister colonies, army ant swarms will start to march soon so prepare your army for the fight with army ants for 5 days.