Extra level suggestion: Test subject


In this extra level, you are a feeder colony of Formica Rufa wood ants and you are in the formicarium, scientist 1 has placed some extra food for you to start producing more ants to (not actually) feed the 2 Formica Ereptor colonies. This is not a complicated extra level, however, scientist 1 suggests to scientist 2 to place enemy creatures so that the wood ants become more aggressive and will be better "feeder" opponents to the gene theif colonies, and from time to time, scientist 2 releases some Formica Fusca soldiers to fight the wood ants. At the end of the level, scientist 2 will reconnect a tube for black ant soldiers to enter your territory and fight you, but this time the black ants lose food to re-hatch the black ant soldiers, once the colony of black ants has been starved out, scientist 2 connect a bigger tube ( the one that scientist 2 uses to connect both Ereptor colonies), you will be able to see the territory setup for the black ant colony, and then you will need to kill the black ant queen, now you reign supreme in 2 different area's, you will still be used as a "feeder colony" but not for the Ereptors, instead for a few other species of ants both scientists have in their laboratory.

(a few weeks after reigning supreme in 2 area's)

Scientist 1: Jeremy, I think it is time for the Monomorium Minimum little black ants should face off some threats to increase their aggression, connect the Formica Rufa wood ants to the territory of the little black ants.

Scientist 2: Agreed

Scientist 1: Come on Jeremy we do not have enough time, setup the tubes quickly!

Scientist 2: Agreed

Scientist 1: Grrrrrr......