Extra level suggestion: Wanderers



In this extra level, you are a (red) Formica Ereptor gene thief queen, you have a long tunnel digged out to the entrance/exit (the entrance/exit isn't digged up though), and a particular amount of caverns for you to explore, you will have some starting caverns including seeds and woodworms, you only have Ereptor workers and black ant soldiers for a start. Now when you dig to the surface, you find yourself in a rocky area, somewhere similar to the type of rocky environment tug of war had before John decided to make it with sand, you have some aphid farms as well as a poppy flower or two sprouting seeds to increase their population (but instead the seeds will be eaten by the ants). The variety of creatures for now include devil's coach horse larvae, devil's coach horse adult, beach wolf spiderling and beach wolf spider small. There is also a Yellow Formica fusca colony nearby, it is pretty small but you still need to build some soldiers and upgrade them in order to defeat it, this level's objectives will work in a similar way to the other foot extra level, where as you complete your current tasks, you get more and more until you find yourself at the end of the level with the final objective, For now though, your only objective is to kill the enemy Black ant queen. Now, you have defeated the enemy black ant queen and have unlocked mortar wood ants, great, but whats this? The map expanded, and there is a new variety of creatures including juvenile beach tiger beetles, adult beach tiger beetles and both small and adult hermit crabs, you have earned a new objective, which is to kill a certain amount of creatures (varying between difficulty's), there is also 1 more aphid farm and 1 more poppy flower. Yet again, you have completed the objective and unlocked slavemaker ants, and unlocking another section of the map, this time with a green Atta cephalotes leafcutter ant colony with the new variety of creatures too, including rove beetle A and B larvae and adult, leaf mimic mantis small and adult, whip spiderling and jumping spider. You have the task to kill the leafcutter queen, as usual. When you kill the leafcutter queen, You unlock stun leafcutter major and unsuprisingly, you unlock another section, with no AI colony, the variety of new creatures include medium and large beach wolf spider, small medium and adult bush cricket/katydid, small and large harvestmen, juvenile whip spider, trap jaw ants and in insane mode for a little extra, beach tiger beetle larva. Your task is to kill a certain amount of creatures yet again, once you do complete that objective however, you unlock trap jaw ants AND army ant majors (no army ant media). Now you unlock another section and theres a purple Solepnosis invicta fire ant colony, your task is to kill the enemy queen, the new creatures that will spawn is the red velvet ant, bombardier beetle, six spotted tiger beetle and a few other creatures that aren't revealed for the fire ant update. You kill the fire ant colony, you get vigorous fire ant soldiers, and unlock the ultimate, final section. All creatures will go back into the spawn points they spawned from without even killing anything, because the new section is another Formica ereptor gene thief colony, a blue one, it has all the ants you have (but with different unit options like rapid fire wood ants, taunt leafcutter ant major and pervasive fire ant soldiers). Your final task is to kill the Enemy gene thief queen, but once you do, you will be victorious and be the great leader of the undergrowth.

I will show underground and over ground drawings another time, but i don't have time right now.