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This has been talked about and suggested many times, every time it is the same answer (Simplified a bit, might've used different wording)
The tool used to make the levels is good for the Dev Team but not for public use.
My guess is that if the level editor is released or if one made for the public is made, it will have a high skill requirement to understand.


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or just a paitent guy to wait for a tutorial
You don't understand, for all we could know it could look like this (please don't mess up the indents, forum):
from df_Map import Map

#Map dimensions (ncols, nrows)
nx, ny = 15, 15
#Player nest location
ix, iy = 0, 0

import OST
map= Map(nx, ny, ix, iy)

And the nice screenshots we get from Mike would be from the code at line 13.


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From the FAQ (please everyone read through it if you haven't):

Will we be able to make our own maps?

The in-house solution we use is great for us but isn't fit for public consumption. A lot like multiplayer, making a level editor fit for purpose outside of the dev team would take a lot of time and we'd have to weigh up whether it'd be worth it. Also like multiplayer, it's something we'd like to do but certainly not before we leave early access.