Restoring formicarium save from backup!


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Each time the formicarium saves it saves the previous 3 saves with it. If you are getting a crash when loading for example you could restore one of these backups!

To find them go to your save game folder, on windows this is in:
C:\Users\[YOUR USER NAME]\AppData\Local\EotU\Saved\SaveGames

Note that AppData is usually hidden, you can either un-hide the folder in the files settings or just type it into the bar.

From here you see all your save games and the backups. Backup 1 is always the most recent backup and 3 the oldest.

Your colonies are ordered by number in the order your made them in. So your most recent colony will be the ColonyX where X is the largest number.

Now you may want to copy all these files to another directory before trying to restore a backup, just in case something goes wrong!

To restore a backup, simple remove the ColonyX.sav and ColonyXLevelData.sav (where X is the number of colony you are trying to restore) and then deleate the -backupY (where Y is the number of the backup you are trying to restore) from the end of the backups name on both the backups Colony and LevelData files.

So for example, I have 3 colonies. I wish to restore a backup from my most recent colony, and I want to try the most recent backup.

I go to the above folder and make a copy of all the save files.

I then delete Colony3.sav and Colony3LevelData.sav
I then rename Colony3-backup1.sav to
I then rename Colony3LevelData-backup1.sav to Colony3LevelData.sav

I then open Empires of the Undergrowth and open my most recent colony, it has been restored to a previous state.

Hope this helps some of you!
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